American Express - Prospect Acquisition

Business Gold Card landing page: A brief story that dramatizes how Kelly, the owner of a small cupcake shop, turns to her Business Gold Rewards Card to meet a sudden spike in demand. Using her Card, she purchases business supplies, has them covered by card benefits, and earns points to reward her employees. Clicking on the gold links opens windows with feature details.

Business Gold Card landing page. (Card Overview).

Business Platinum landing page. (Travel Benefits).


American Express prospect acquisition landing pages.

At a company the size of American Express, just a 1% increase in conversion rate can boost revenue by tens of millions of dollars. Analytics indicate that sometimes all it takes is rewriting a single word, phrase or paragraph that’s been inhibiting conversion.

In my role at Amex I work alongside the UX team, writing clear, concise and humanistic copy that effortlessly guides prospects through mobile and web-based experiences and applications.

Content includes marketing pages, landing pages, prototypes and A/B tests for credit cards, personal loans, rewards programs and other Amex products.




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