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The NOOK provides readers with books and publications on a limitless number of topics.

The NOOK Color displays newspapers in color. The rival dedicated eReader at the time, Amazon's Kindle, did not.

The addition of apps brings the NOOK eReader closer to a full-functioning tablet -- for a lot less than an iPad.

NOOK Valentine's Day promo on

Why carry around heavy travel books when you can access an unlimited number of them on one lightweight device?

Email promoting savings on the Criterion Film Collection.

Nook email with one main message and three sub-messages.

The challenge: convince college students that electronic textbooks are a smarter way to study.

Textbooks banner.

Textbooks banner.

Textbooks banner.

Textbooks banner.

Textbooks banner.

Textbooks banner.

Hey, I wrote a holiday poem!


Crafted copy and concepts for the introduction of the Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor eReader and online bookstore.

Other e-commerce initiatives included creating weekly promotions for bestsellers, textbooks, children’s books, music, movies and seasonal sales in a fast-paced, high-volume creative environment.


Barnes & Noble. Copywriter: Mitch Lemus


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