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e-cue Emergency Allergy Injector
Developed digital and print concepts for a new pocket-size self-injector for people severely allergic to certain foods, insect stings, and other triggers. For the past 25 years, the go-to device in this category has been the Epi-Pen. This campaign seeks to grab substantial market share by focusing on the new device's unique audio technologies that talk allergy sufferers or their caregivers through an anaphylactic attack with step-by-step voice instructions.

When the user submits a question on the landing page, the answer is spoken in E-Cue's voice.

When the user submits a question on the landing page, the answer is spoken in E-Cue's voice.

NYC Health + Hospitals
Pitch work to shorten and simplify current site copy, and rework the voice and tone to comply with a 2016 “patient-first, community-first” rebranding initiative.

Travelers Vaccines “Good-to-Go” website.

Travelers become “Good to Go” by taking steps to protect their health before embarking on overseas travel.

Travelers can click on different countries to learn about diseases they need to vaccinate against. They can then add that info to a log accessible from a mobile app.

Travelers can share their itinerary with friends on the Good to Go Facebook page.


When Medicare imposed complex new reimbursement rules on healthcare facilities, Theracor wanted to be known as the consultancy with the expertise to guide facilities through the potentially costly changes.

Cervarix HPV Vaccine

Cervarix is a HPV vaccine that helps protect against cervical cancer. Target: 18 – 24 year-old women.
ASSIGNMENT: Develop high-level concepts and programs focused on the message: Cervarix protects against more types of viruses
and provides more comprehensive protection to help women live a life full of possibilities. (Art Director: Karyn Pascoe)

Cervarix HPV Vaccine - Concept 2

Cervarix HPV Vaccine - Concept 3

Cervarix HPV Vaccine - Concept 4 Brochure
Brochure announcing the relaunch of to healthcare providers.

Brochure side 2 - Call-outs of new features.

Email to healthcare providers announcing the FDA's plan for the production of flu vaccine for the upcoming season.

Email to school nurses on how they can help protect students from Meningitis.


Various pharma / healthcare projects


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